Divorce with Dignity

Make Peace Happen

Plan a Good Divorce


Reach an agreement without the financial and emotional cost of a court battle.
Of the roughly 2.5 million couples who get married every year, half will find themselves navigating a divorce at some point in their lives. Divorce mediators are trained negotiators who provide sane, affordable settlements that make sense for you and your unique situation.
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Collaborative Divorce

Come to a binding agreement by attorneys trained in the collaborative divorce process.
Whatever the circumstances that led to your decision to divorce, you are starting a new era in your life. Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial approach that meets the needs of both parties and any children that might be involved, while eliminating the threat of court intervention.
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Managing Your Divorce

Every ending is also a beginning. Take it one step at a time.
You’re beginning a journey to a new life. The decisions you make now can create a path of peace and gently letting go, or lead to months and possibly years of bitterness and recrimination. Mediation and Collaborative Practice promote respect, keep problems and assets private, and save time and resources.
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